End Of Summer Already?

Not quite yet… but soon enough. Too soon for our tastes. The “End Of Summer Dancefest” on the Lebanon Mall is tomorrow night as I write this and it occurs to me I’m just not ready. Still, the summer of 2019 has been one of our best yet! Work hard, play hard. It’s been said many times, yet we certainly live it. To all the fans, venues, wedding and parties we have performed for, thank you!

We’re not done yet!

We still have a ton of shows lined up for you this year as we head into fall. Check out the schedule, and we can’t wait to see you at a show!

If you’d like to book for 2020, let’s do it! Dates are filling up rather quickly, which is great, but we also want to make sure all our die-hard fans get a show near them. Let’s talk!



MUD BALL to benefit The Haven


We are thrilled to be the musical entertainment for this year’s MUD BALL!

Brighten up your mud season with day-glo cocktails, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and a dance party with music by the Conniption Fits at this year’s NEON-themed Mud Ball!

Bid on unique auction items such as private cooking classes and luxury vacation rentals donated by local area businesses and individuals.

All proceeds directly support Children’s Services at the Upper Valley Haven. Make a difference to families in our community and ensure that all Upper Valley children have the best chance of future success.

Join us on March 23 in support of Children's Services at the Haven and enjoy a complimentary cocktail hour, dancing to music by The Conniption Fits, an exciting live auction featuring emcee Jamie Polli of GameShowsVT, and silent auction prizes like Dogsledding With Braeburn Siberians, dinner for 2 at Cloudland Farm, and tickets to the Lebanon Food Truck Festival!

We're excited to have auction prizes from Green Mountain HypnosisLebanon Opera HouseMorano Gelato HanoverRiver Valley ClubScratchZippity, and more!

Don't have your tickets yet? Grab yours now to support kids in the Upper Valley who need a positive place to learn and play after school and during summer vacation: uppervalleyhaven.org/mudball

Into fall we... fall.

The unofficial end of summer has come and gone.  With it, a ton of fun and some great shows from the Upper Valley to the seacoast to Martha's Vineyard.  We can't possibly thank all of you enough for your continued love and support.  We will do our best to keep you entertained by keeping the setlist fresh at every show!

Next on the agenda:  Autumn shows leading up to an all new theme for New Year's Eve!

A couple of highlights:


Frank Fest IV

Catch us at "FrankFest IV" taking place at the Tunbridge World's Fair on Saturday September 15th.  We take the stage at 6pm, followed by Foreigners Journey (a Foreigner and Journey tribute band) and Wanted DOA (A Bon Jovi Tribute)!  Free with your entrance to the fair.


Festival of Witches

An all out frightful halloween party in downtown Portsmouth, NH at the famous Portsmouth Gaslight!  $1000 in cash and prizes up for grabs!

$12 advance, $15 at the door.

Speakeasy Poster.jpg

Ring in 2019 with us!

We are doing a 1920's 'speakeasy' theme!

Think mob bosses and flapper girls!

NYE is going to be a fun one as we try to raise the bar yet again. There is a bang of elegance about this speak-easy. Visualise rambunctious fun, glitz and excitement. We encourage you to dress-up but no need to spend crazy money on an outfit.

Fellas, sharpest of sharp suits. Waistcoats, fine ties, suspenders, hats, pocket watches, everything pinstripe, the works. If you’re feeling bold, maybe even find a decorative cane to complete the outfit. If you’re looking sartorially superb, the rest of the night will fall into place accordingly.

As for the women, it’s all about the flapper dress and feathered headpiece. Whether you go bright and vibrant or black and dangerous, the flapper dress is a prohibition staple. It’s light, it’s free-flowing, and above all else, it’s danceable. In fact, there’s your litmus test for any prospective outfits for the evening: if you can easily bust a Charleston in it, you’re good to go. 

Right now, we are only selling The Ultimate package. $294.00 per couple. Includes: Room, Dinner, Show, Champagne Toast, Breakfast. Call The Fireside Inn, West Lebanon, NH, for tickets: 603-298-5900.

NEW MERCH!  By popular demand:  Female cut Racerback Tank tops!  Head to our online store or get one at a show!

Plus, we will be performing many. many more shows all over New England.  Check the schedule at conniptionfits.com for a full list.


-Stevens, Jamie & Jeff

2018 Booking up & New Live Videos

2018 is filling up nicely.

That's always nice when you work in a field with exactly zero job security.  We've been working hard to freshen up our playlist, not that our "stand-by's" are not well loved, we just want to offer up something new for those of you who have seen us 50 times already.  You know... we are trying not get lazy.  We are really happy with the new covered we have added, they all seem well received and appreciated.  The next step is to create some new original music...  there are some big plans, but we'll wait until we actually take action before we release details.  

As far as the gig are concerned, we can't thank our fans enough!  You've been coming to more and more shows in greater and greater numbers.  It is not lost on us, we are very appreciative!  We've taken the liberty of recording a few shows, and will be recording more.  Some of the vids have over 12k views on Facebook, however the YouTube views are really low.  I guess that tells you where people are watching videos these days.  

Radio Progress

Our radio campaign has been cooking along steadily.  We have a total of 96 stations spinning the C-Fits so far.  Check it out:

Here's the radio report for the new release by The Conniption Fits!

In Week 11, we show that 96 stations have Added your new release, which is 6 more than last week. At least 15 of those stations have your music in Heavy or Medium rotation. Plus, at least another 4 stations have it In Review, so we can expect more action soon! 


#263 College Radio Charts (#288 last week)

#14 Relix/Jambands.com (#25 last month)


Powderfinger Radio Tracking Report 12/11/17, 10:18 AM
Powderfinger Radio Tracking Report Campaign: Conniption Fits


KAFM - Grand Junction CO

#30 NACC. exit, gorgeous, monkey, a-yo



KBBI - Homer AK




KLCZ - Lewiston ID

NACC / 10 spins



KSYM - San Antonio TX

the call, fall apart, need you, gorgeous, pays



KWTS - Canyon TX

#26 NACC



WDBM - East Lansing MI

i need you



WIPZ - Kenosha WI

#29 NACC



WMCO - New Concord OH

secrets, need you, title track, exit, until, gorgeous



WRRW - Niceville FL


Heavy: 9



KALA - Davenport IA



KQAL - Winona MN

NACC. need you



WBGU - Bowling Green OH



WFCS - New Britain CT

secrets, may day, your hands, title track



WKKL - Barnstable MA

i need you, may day



WMFO - Medford MA

title track, until we fall


Medium: 6



CFOU - Trois Rivieres QB



CFXU - Antigonish NS



CJSF - Burnaby BC



KASC - Tempe AZ



KBEACH - Long Beach



KCRH - Hayward CA



KCSS - Turlock CA



KCUR - Kansas City MO



KDEC - Decorah IA



KDHX - St. Louis MO



KEOL - La Grande OR



KGRG - Auburn WA


Light KGUR - San Luis Obispo CA


Light KHOL - Jackson WY


Light KKFI - Kansas City MO


Light KMNR - Rolla MO


Light KOPN - Columbia MO


Light KRCX - Denver CO


Light KRFC - Fort Collins CO prayed


Light KRRC - Portland OR


Light KRVS - Lafayette LA


Light KTCU - Fort Worth TX


Light KULT - Cedar Falls IA


Light KUMM - Morris MN


Light KVNF - Paonia CO


Light WCCH - Holyoke MA


Light WCHC - Worcester MA


Light WCRD - Muncie IN


Light WCUR - West Chester PA



WCXS--Steel Eagle - Orland Park IL


Light WCYT - Fort Wayne IN


Light WDUB - Granville OH


Light WESU - Middletown CT


Light WFIV - Knoxville TN


Light WGBK - Glenview IL


Light WGRE - Greencastle IN


Light WHRB - Cambridge MA title track


Light WIDB - Carbondale IL


Light WMFO - Medford MA


Light WMHW - Mt. Pleasant MI


Light WOUB - Athens OH


Light WRGP - Miami FL


Light WSCA - Portsmouth NH need you


Light WVUA - Tuscaloosa AL



WXBC - Annandale-On- Hudson NY


Light: 45

Add CFMU - Hamilton ON


Add CKUA - Edmonton AB


Add KAMP - Tuscon AZ


Add KAOS - Olympia WA


Add KDNK - Carbondale CO


Add KDUP - Portland OR


Add KFSR - Fresno CA


Add KHNS - Haines AK


Add KHSU - Arcata CA


Add KMSM - Butte MT


Add KMSU - Mankato MN


Add KNAB - Orange CA


Add KRCL - Salt Lake City UT


Add KROK - Leesville LA


Add KRUX - Las Cruces NM


Add KSJS - San Jose CA


Add KTUH - Honolulu HI


Add KVMR - Nevada City CA


Add KXSU - Seattle WA


Add KXUL - Monroe LA


Add Pizza FM -

Add WARC - Meadville PA


Add WCSB - Cleveland OH


Add WFSE - Edinboro PA


Add WGMU - Fairfax VA


Add WHFR - Dearborn MI


Add WKNC - Raleigh NC


Add WMNF - Tampa FL


Add WPGU - Champaign IL


Add WPTS - Pittsburgh PA


Add WSOU - S. Orange NJ NACC


Add WSRU - Slippery Rock PA


Add WVIA - Pittston PA


Add WVRU - Radford VA


Add WWSU - Dayton OH



WXAC - Reading PA


Add: 36


In Review

KCR - San Diego CA


In Review

KMUD - Redway CA


In Review

KUNM - Albuquerque NM


In Review

WICB - Ithaca NY


In Review: 4



CFUV - Victoria BC



KAXE - Grand Rapids MN



KBUT - Crested Butte CO



KDUR - Durango CO



KGNU - Boulder CO



KOTO - Telluride CO



KRCC - Colorado Springs CO



UMSL - Saint Louis MO



WBWC - Berea OH



WCBN - Ann Arbor MI



WORT - Madison WI



WTJU - Charlottesville VA



WYCE - Grand Rapids MI


Pass: 13



KYRS - Spokane WA


Resend: 1


Total Adds: 96 

Summer Show Lineup

So summer is halfway over...  ugh.  That said, we still have a lot of great shows coming up!  Be sure to follow us on Bandcamp or just check back here often to see where we will be next.  


We have a new CD out now!  It's a compilation of our greatest work plus there are 5 all new tracks on it.  We hope you dig it and share it with friends.  We realized that we have so many songs going unnoticed that we want to share with fans.  We also wanted to make it easy.  One CD with all the music we are proudest of.  Available everywhere NOW!

Completely Wasted

Words and music by The Conniption Fits

Here’s a story I’ve been meaning to tell to you

It’s kind of long and it’s boring

And sections of it don’t have any truth

But if you listen, intently, there’s message I need to share

Hopefully you get it, hopefully you care


Once I was ok with a casual affair

But before long, without love, it became all too clear

That to carry on was to ruin it all

And to bury it all was to burn it down

So I covered it all with gas, and I laid the burning match


Yeah, when you’re alone again

And lift to your lips a halfway empty glass

I can be a friend with benefits and cash


There’s a war inside, and it’s trying to guide

My choices, but I don’t listen to the voices

There’s a horse to ride, I could let her fly….I could make it

It just sucks that I’m completely wasted


Hey, I’m calling you, it’s late a night

I probably shouldn’t be calling, but I’ve had to much to think

Would it be a major imposition for you

To cancel your plans and waste another day with me

Won’t you just think about it please


Still, you are hard to beat

Like driving too fast you never cease to thrill

Yeah, when you’re alone again

And lift to your lips a halfway empty glass

I can be a friend with benefits and cash


Yes, we are hosting a Masquerade ball! I think the idea originally occurred to us about 4 years ago.  Why has it taken so long to actually do it?  Fear.  What if people don't show up?  What if they don't have costumes?  This is expensive to pull off, what if we lose a lot of money?  All valid reasons, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  

Our Masquerade Ball will be held at The Fireside Inn & Suites on February 25th, 2017.  

We have been working closely with The fireside to get the decoration, atmosphere and general ambiance just right.  That said, we are still a rock / party band so this will be a rock / party Masquerade musically speaking.  Everything else we will try to do as close to "right" as we can.  

We realize dressing up for this is not "cost free".  We would hand out makes if we could afford it, but so far we have not found masks that are affordable to buy in bulk.  I'm going to have a great halloween costume for next year by doing this now, at least that's how I'm going to justify it.

So please dress up and get in the sprit of this event.  As far as we know a masquerade has never been attempted in the Upper Valley, let's make it a success and show everybody that fun events like this for no reason CAN work here, not just in big cities.  

Decorations & appetizers included, please come in costume, or at least with a mask for a reduced entry fee!

Details are still pending, but there will be a costume contest - prizes for best mask & best dressed.
Gothic, colonial styles encouraged.
Make your own mask, or buy one, just get in the spirit!
$20 advance, $30 the door.
Special hors d'oeuvres
cash bar

As far as we know this is the first time anything like this has been attempeted in the UV, lets make it great!

Some ideas here: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/masquerade-outfit/


UPDATE:  Well it happened and it was...  AMAZING!

Thank you so much for your spirit and costumes, masks, everything was so, so great!



2017 - shows, shows and more shows!

The schedule for 2017 is filling up!  People often ask if we play weddings...  Absolutely we will play at your wedding!  We would love to be there!  We try to schedule them well in advance, so let us know as soon as you can. 

We are pleased to be returning to our regular haunts in 2017, like ALL of the Salt hill Pubs, The Woodstock Brewery & Station, Murphy's Taproom, The Portsmouth Gaslight, The Wagon Wheel, The Dusty Bottle, and of course The Wharf Pub on Martha's Vineyard to name just a few.  The brand new Taverne On The Square has signed on for a string of shows, so has the Campton Mt. Ski Area as well as Attitash Mountian and Cannon Mountain Ski Areas.

Some Special shows we currently have lined up include February 25th at the Fireside Inn, West Lebanon.  We will be attempting to pull of a full-on Masquerade Ball complete with make, costumes, the whole bit.  A lot of this will rely on YOU, so don't be shy, get into the sprit of it!  Nothing like this has been attempted in the upper Valley, lets do it!

April 1st marks the 5th (?!) Annual Pig and Poke Party at Cannon Mountian.  This is a "somewhat" private event, so it's good to know someone who knows someone if you know what I mean.  It's a racer of a party and one we look forward to every year.

July 1st we play our annual "Independence Day" show at River Meadow Campground in Haverhill NH complete with fireworks!  This show is put on by our major sponsor TWB Automotive in Lebanon - for all your automotive needs call TBW Automotive 603-448-6787 (they really are the best).

July 15th we perform for Trucks Gone Wild again in Lebanon Maine.  A crazy event that is certainly "out of the norm" for us.

August 24th we perform on the mall in Lebanon New Hampshire for the "Lebanon Dance Fest".  Every year this gets bigger and bigger.  The show is immediately followed by fireworks.  Put on by the fine people at the Lebanon Parks & Recreation Department.

September 8th we have been invited to perform for the Hampton Seafood Festival at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  When they asked if we were interested, we said, "Seafood is involved?  Well, yeah, sign us up!"

And filially, New Years Eve has been confirmed, we will be returning to the Fireside Inn in West Lebanon for another all-inclusive evening and a great night!  

"Misinformed Informant"

This is one of those songs that came in an instant.  We recorded this over a couple of weeks and bam, the song was born.  This also marks the first song that drummer Scott Kinnison played on.  A downtempo emotional tune, we worked really hard to make sure everything felt "right".  We really like this song and hope you do as well!

Your misleading friend,

had a well loaded tongue

bending your ear

with the story she wrung


November damp air 

seeps through your coat again


You get bits of the truth

blended with fiction

she’s a rather well rehearsed



a glass splinter in you mind without an end


Here comes another one

Speeding lies and having fun

Oh Misinformed Informant unload your gun


Waste breath to make my case

It's written all over your face

Oh Misinformed Informant unload your gun


'Cause I will never misinform you


Disproportionate size

the voice of the spies ,

take a knife and cut

every extravagant lie 


packed up the car

ready to make the drive


Got driving gas, 

and spending cash, 

a sleeping bag 

and a dime of weed


A head on the dash,  

makes it hard to leave


Why don’t they just say

Why don’t they just say what they mean

We could get out of dodge

We could leave it all behind


We could up and go

leave the world just wondering where we went

We are aging fast

It’s time we did one just last thing for us




"Until We Fall Apart"

Our new single is finally out!  "Until We Fall Apart" is the first of two songs we began working on back in May.  Really we could finish these songs a lot faster if we didn't have 8 million shows to play, but what fun would that be?  

This song evolved around a guitar riff that we used as a pedal point.  I thought it would be cool if we did a song where the bass root note moved around the guitar riff in an interesting way.  As usual, we started with the drums and a rough sketch of the song.  We performed it live and then started cutting parts and re-arranging them.  The guitars bass and vocals were all added in layers after that.  In fact, the final bass tracks were the last thing we added after everything else was in place.  I am particularly pleased with the keyboard sounds I somehow managed to dial in.  If you listen closely, there are synths throughout the song adding depth, but not getting in the way - a trick that is harder to pull off than you may think!  I love the bridge synth passages.  My fist real attempt at tweaking an arpeggiator instead of just playing the notes.  I think it adds good counterpoint to the guitar.  

A lot of thought went into the arrangement and recording of this one and we are happy with the result.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The second song of these two songs we recorded in May is done and we will release it in the coming month.

Trucks Gone Wild

Had a great time at the "Trucks Gone Wild" event in Lebanon Maine over the weekend.  It felt like we were not he set of a Mad Max taping.  We got there early to enjoy a few of the events, like the mud bog and head to head racing.  The enthusiasm the participants have for the event is really contagious.  It's a different world and a whole lot of fun.  If there is and event like this near you, be sure to go check it out!

Top 40 Radio

"I Need You (Ay-o)" continues to impact top 40 radio nationwide!  Thanks to WFIZ-FM in Ithaca, NY and KFLW-FM in St. Robert, MO for adding "I Need You (Ay-O)" to their rotations.  Now more stations are jumping on "I Need You (Ay-O)" including KCHE 92.1 FM in Cherokee, Iowa and KQCR-FM in Hampton Iowa!  

Just added at 97.9/105.5 Kiss-Fm in Utica NY!

Shout out to 97-7 KKCK-FM in Sioux Falls South Dakota of adding "I Need You (Ay-O)" to their rotation! Awesome!

Merch now available on our website!

Still like a good old fashioned CD?  Now you can get them directly from us on our website.  Or maybe you have been hankering for some of our incredible and unique hot sauce, now in two flavors, sissy and legit! Stickers and brand new t-shirts will also be available in the coming months.  We've kept the costs to a bare minimum and are offering free shipping to the U.S.  $3 for the rest of the world.  As always, we appreciate the support; when you buy from us, you help us keep going.  Jump to the "Merch" section of you website and check it out.  All orders are 100% secure and we never give your information away.  Cheers!