Bittersweet News

We burned him out...

...well not really.  He did break a rib (twice), go through heart surgery, and have an anaphylactic reaction to some shrimp, but in the end Scott was always there.  So it comes to pass that Scott needs more time with his family; something that is hard to come by when you're constantly melting faces at shows.  We are sad to see him go, we will certainly miss him.  We had many great adventures and part ways as the closest of friends.  

Introducing the next victim...

Who dares place their neck at the mercy of the Conniption Fits?  Who dares sit upon the cursed drum throne of fate? Introducing Jeff Samataro!  Jeff hails from Manchester, New Hampshire, where he works as a drum instructor. 

Jeff began playing the drums when he was 11 years old. Growing up he played with many local groups, studied drums and piano privately with many different instructors, and was an active member in his high school’s music program. He was an all state musician in both classical and jazz music and was awarded the Arthur J. Mirabile Scholarship to study music at the collegiate level.

In 2007, Jeff moved to Boston and studied at the Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Jeff studied with Dave Dicenso, Steve Michaud, Terri Lyne Carrington, Kenwood Dennard, Ralph Peterson Jr, Mark Walker, Jon Hazilla, and Bob Tamagni, Jeff was also a sought after performer in the city of Boston playing everywhere from the North End and the Theatre District to the Back Bay.

Jeff has performed locally in many different groups and has played in all kinds of musical genres. A number of the musical groups he’s been apart of have held residencies at different venues around New England. His performances have taken him all around the east coast and he has been apart of many different tours. 

And now he embarks on his greatest challenge of all...  putting up with Stevens & Jamie in The Conniption Fits!  

Welcome aboard Jeff, and as Jamie says, "Buckle up, buttercup"!