2018 Booking up & New Live Videos

2018 is filling up nicely.

That's always nice when you work in a field with exactly zero job security.  We've been working hard to freshen up our playlist, not that our "stand-by's" are not well loved, we just want to offer up something new for those of you who have seen us 50 times already.  You know... we are trying not get lazy.  We are really happy with the new covered we have added, they all seem well received and appreciated.  The next step is to create some new original music...  there are some big plans, but we'll wait until we actually take action before we release details.  

As far as the gig are concerned, we can't thank our fans enough!  You've been coming to more and more shows in greater and greater numbers.  It is not lost on us, we are very appreciative!  We've taken the liberty of recording a few shows, and will be recording more.  Some of the vids have over 12k views on Facebook, however the YouTube views are really low.  I guess that tells you where people are watching videos these days.