"Misinformed Informant"

This is one of those songs that came in an instant.  We recorded this over a couple of weeks and bam, the song was born.  This also marks the first song that drummer Scott Kinnison played on.  A downtempo emotional tune, we worked really hard to make sure everything felt "right".  We really like this song and hope you do as well!

Your misleading friend,

had a well loaded tongue

bending your ear

with the story she wrung


November damp air 

seeps through your coat again


You get bits of the truth

blended with fiction

she’s a rather well rehearsed



a glass splinter in you mind without an end


Here comes another one

Speeding lies and having fun

Oh Misinformed Informant unload your gun


Waste breath to make my case

It's written all over your face

Oh Misinformed Informant unload your gun


'Cause I will never misinform you


Disproportionate size

the voice of the spies ,

take a knife and cut

every extravagant lie 


packed up the car

ready to make the drive


Got driving gas, 

and spending cash, 

a sleeping bag 

and a dime of weed


A head on the dash,  

makes it hard to leave


Why don’t they just say

Why don’t they just say what they mean

We could get out of dodge

We could leave it all behind


We could up and go

leave the world just wondering where we went

We are aging fast

It’s time we did one just last thing for us