"Until We Fall Apart"

Our new single is finally out!  "Until We Fall Apart" is the first of two songs we began working on back in May.  Really we could finish these songs a lot faster if we didn't have 8 million shows to play, but what fun would that be?  

This song evolved around a guitar riff that we used as a pedal point.  I thought it would be cool if we did a song where the bass root note moved around the guitar riff in an interesting way.  As usual, we started with the drums and a rough sketch of the song.  We performed it live and then started cutting parts and re-arranging them.  The guitars bass and vocals were all added in layers after that.  In fact, the final bass tracks were the last thing we added after everything else was in place.  I am particularly pleased with the keyboard sounds I somehow managed to dial in.  If you listen closely, there are synths throughout the song adding depth, but not getting in the way - a trick that is harder to pull off than you may think!  I love the bridge synth passages.  My fist real attempt at tweaking an arpeggiator instead of just playing the notes.  I think it adds good counterpoint to the guitar.  

A lot of thought went into the arrangement and recording of this one and we are happy with the result.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The second song of these two songs we recorded in May is done and we will release it in the coming month.