A Heaping Helping Of Perspective - Digital Download

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A Heaping Album Cover.jpg

A Heaping Helping Of Perspective - Digital Download


A Heaping Helping Of Perspective

Released June 2009 Parhelion Records. High quality (320mps) MP3 download.

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A fresh take on modern rock with reggae, jazz and pop influences surrounding smart lyrics.

Having already had songs on MTV, ESPN’s X-Games, CBS’s Vans Triple Crown as well as national radio, Stevens Blanchard started The Conniption Fits with long time friend and bass player Erik Von Geldern and drummer Seth Roya. 

Reigning from various areas of Boston and Vermont, The Conniption Fits blend their collective experiences and array of musical backgrounds in creating their signature, upbeat, Rock sound. The Conniption Fits have combined their years of studio and stage performances in developing a chemistry that solidifies them as a mainstream, American band. The Conniption Fits have framed the essence of their sound with songs that flow; always capturing a specific emotion that they build upon through their lyrics. Having taken center stage on stages and amongst concert venues, The Conniption Fits have shared their music with live, cross-genre audiences. 

The Conniption Fits officially formed in 2005. The Fits have since performed over 250 shows all over greater New England and have released their second full length CD, “A Heaping Helping Of Perspective”, which has already received local radio airplay in heavy rotation. Most notably on Keene’s WKKN “K-Rock 101.9” and Dartmouth College’s WFRD “99 Rock” in Hanover, NH. 

The Conniption Fits released their first album “Airplane Rides” in 2006 and scored a front-page review in the Manchester Union Leader (Jan 25-29 weekend edition 2007). “Airplane Rides” continues to sell very well and is available on iTunes (and many other digital music stores) as well as record stores nationwide. 

With tons of experience to draw upon Stevens Blanchard has performed more than 1500 shows over 6 national tours and has shared stages with acts like 3 Doors Down, Fastball, Mighty Bosstones, 7 Mary Three, Blue Oyster Cult, Mountain, Warrant, and Cinderella to name a few. Erik Von Geldern and Seth Roya have been performing for years in and out of the studio. They have both completed music degrees at Johnson State College in Vermont. 

Long awaited and highly anticipated, The Conniption Fits' latest, album “A Heaping Helping Of Perspective”, is indicative of a band whose talent will reinvent the secular sound of mainstream, Rock music.